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Tahina Recipes
  • Creamy Tahini and Silan Dessert

    Makes 4 servings Whip up this delicious dessert, combine it with fruit, chocolate or any other ingredient of choice and concoct a dessert with a personal touch... Ingredients: 250 ml. whipping cream…
  • Tahina and Puffed Rice Cookies

    Loved by home bakers for their ease of preparation and by all others for their taste, these delicious sweet squares do not contain gluten or dairy products . Ingredients: 6 cups of whole puffed brown…
  • Tahina, Silan (Date Honey), and Sesame Sauce

    A halva (sweet sesame oil and nut snack) sauce that perfectly complements fruitcake or pancakes. Ingredients: ½ cup of raw Prince Tahini ½ cup of Silan (date honey) 3 cups of roasted sesame seeds…
  • Tahini and Date Honey (Silan) Spread

    This is one healthy spread that is also great in flavour! It contains an abundance of nutrients that boost energy and promote well being. Besides tasting absolutely wonderful – it is super easy to…
  • Tahini and Pine Nut Cookies

    They melt in your mouth once cooled completely. You just won’t know what makes these cookies so pleasing in texture and delightful to eat... The natural sweetness of the Tahini does its job perfectly…